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Did i use to be that vulgar? [May. 28th, 2009|03:45 am]
Ohmygod,this url hasn't vanished into thin air?

No one is probably reading this but i have to say,reading my older entries is really,actually,kind of,shocking.
I mean,i honestly feel that i have mellowed a lot. Of course the occassional fad gets my blood boiling(for example i think following celebrities on twitter is fun because you get to see them in action,well sort of.but why the hell should i follow my friends on twitter?am i  suppose to actually take an interest in what they are doing or saying?)....

Okay i swear i have mellowed! Yes hard to believe but its true. Only time will prove my words haha

No "FUCK"s for the next.......
Ah fuck it,i just love the word too much to give it up.

Something about blogging when no one's reading is damn exciting.

I never realized how much ail meant to me until yesterday when my phonecalls and sms-es were not returned.Truly frightened me but yea i reallllllllllllyyyyyyy miss aillllll like siao  :(
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DEJA VU [Dec. 8th, 2008|12:58 am]
You know what,you're doing it all over again.I don't even know why i bothered trying so hard again because it always ends up in the same place.How many cycles of these shit must one go through? Basically,you're just not a nice person,and you know it in your heart (Some things don't have to be said,you find out when you reach the gates of hell and you ask the guards, "what THE HELL am i doing here?". And then the guards tell you "how good a human being you were in life is the reason you are at the gates of hell"  You'll find out then that you should have been nicer, more genuine and just all around plain BETTER). I'm not very nice either, but its only as a reaction to you.

This post is not meant to be malicious but yea i'm sad and simply wish i did not turn back then.
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Secondary School was not fun at all [Nov. 20th, 2008|05:02 pm]
In secondary school i was miserable because my school mates were not my crowd at all.Everyday i wanted to kill myself(or them) and set myself free of the virtual daily mental retardation that occurs every single time i talk to a classmate.

Now they are fucking irritating me with all their FB updates(i know i should delete them right if i am so unhappy but i actually like to pissed off by them to fuel my creativity so i don't mind at all) and they all seriously need to DIAF (if you don't know what DIAF is too bad because its not a nice word and i don't want to shock you).

In fact the whole world just needs to DIAF except me.I should live and watch everyone die,in the meantime enjoying a huge plate of sashimi.

I think i only get into this mood(and mode) during exams.

Damn weird.No "HAHA"s in this entry because i want to be evil cunt/bitch/asshole/nabeicheebye bastard/ ##%^^$$/ anything nasty.
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Why am i blogging [Nov. 18th, 2008|04:15 pm]
I'm studying Geography now and there's this thing called the innovation curve. Approximately less than 5% of the human population pick up the latest innovations very quickly, and something like over 80% fall under the category  of "majority adopters" (aka the bulk of mankind who pick up an idea only when its fashionable and tested to do so) and then there is the final 10% who pick it up only after the rest of the world has done so and they are called "laggards".



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Alvyn's very studied conclusion. [Oct. 4th, 2008|12:49 am]
ok i'm only posting this because this has to be shown,it might not be funny to you,but it is to me,and singapore is a free society(or is it) so what i think is funny means its funny what you think its funny might not be.this is the definition of a free society. it also can be defined as what's yours is mine,whats mine is definitely not yours.

on a sidenote,i just had 2 exams and i think...ok let me try not to think so hard,my brains have officially left my head for greener pastures,down south to my ass.yes oh yes its very true,i function at the capability of my ass now.

oh damn,i sudddenly feel like blogging again shit

Remember to breathe (Alvyn) says:

hahaha he's damn hardworking pls
Remember to breathe says:
aiming for pay rise
veirddd (Me) says:
damn fake lor
veirddd says:
Remember to breathe says:
haha he probably cc to his bosses
veirddd says:
and they probably just email him back like ok we get it
Remember to breathe says:
and he'll email back asking, so do i get my pay rise now
veirddd says:
and they;ll be like yea we alr did,didnt u see it in ur bank acct? its 10 cents
Remember to breathe says:
and he'll be like why are you all so stingy like indians
Remember to breathe says:
and realise oh wait cos you guys are indians
veirddd says:
and then he'll be like oh wait I AM INDIAN
Remember to breathe says:
and thus, you reap what you sow
Remember to breathe says:
veirddd says:
hahahaha greeat conclusion
veirddd says:
ok i am reviving my blog just for this conversartion
veirddd says:
and then i will not blog anymore
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There's no use leading with our chins. [Aug. 17th, 2008|02:35 pm]
Shall be blogging somewhere else not as restricting from now on,goodbye!
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Kathy Griffin and i should be bestfriends. [Aug. 13th, 2008|03:25 pm]
I do not understand where i am getting this sudden new burst of energy to blog again,maybe because i'm just bored or just FUCKING SICK OF KEEPING SILENT and not letting loose of my cannon,which is what i do best anyway(its so fun to write trash,but writing trash about everyone else but yourself is better.its very therapeutic you should all try it)

Michelle and I came to a conclusion a while ago that Jinting answers questions with questions.
Me:Hey Jint,where are you?
Jint:At home?
Me:What are you doing?
Me:Studying what?
Me:When are your exams?
Jint:Next week?
Me:How's Kailun(her equally H_____ boyfriend,born to be together)?
Me:Are you celebrating your birthday this year?

Me:Are you a bitch?

So,the last two days at school have been really pointless.Well,so far at least,before the tutorials start and i start to moan and groan.

Anyway,the best lecture i attended thus far was the one which i crashed,Modern European History.The best part about it was when the course director said,"You know what's the best thing about being a director,you get to plan the lecture timing(EU lecture is at 2pm),because I DON'T DO 8AM CLASSES,I DON'T DO 8AM CLASSES!"

I believe i might have found my role model in NUS.

Too bad i'm not taking European History though,because i swear taking Geography alone with the most annoying lecturer in the world is a chore.Taking geog alone suckssssssssssssssssss so bad
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For all we know,we may never meet again.. [Aug. 10th, 2008|03:44 am]
To the person affected by this,i'm sorry,i'm sorry,i'm sorry.But it was a choice that had to be made and i have.I'm addressing this way way too late but i didn't know how to approach this matter,because its not easy and shouldn't be.

For now i just have to leave you with this clip from the Prince of Tides,along with this beautiful standard sung by Barbra.And if you listen to the words of the song,i mean them.

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Do you know where you're going to? [Aug. 7th, 2008|02:49 am]
I guess when you start to feel a certain way and as a result behave in a manner where you no longer recognize yourself,its time to sit yourself down and ask yourself questions as
"is this who i am? is this who i want to be? or am i just a product of conformity? am i being truthful to who my parents brought me up to be,and what my environment in the very beginning made me? can i still find back any semblance of my past and lead myself back home?"

I don't know man,but it works for me all the time,especially when i start to chase a certain trend which really adds no merit to my life,but instead takes away any form of honesty that initially existed. At the end of the day,i only want to answer to myself,be honest with my soul(because a person is always going to need his/her soul) and know that i've never,not even one single time,been someone i'd be disgusted at on hindsight some months later.
(ok this does not apply to certain characteristics such as temperament because my bad-tempered nature consistently disappoints me,as quickly as 5 minutes later)
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21st plans. [Aug. 4th, 2008|11:14 pm]
ok so i was thinking,if i am going to spend 1000 bucks on my birthday celebration this year,i might as well use the money for vacation number 7 of 2008.

Plus i also don't have that many friends to invite to my "party"(yea as though its going to be one,because i have a guest list number of like 5 people) so its not going to be that fun anyway

So i think i'm going to go for a concert in the region,like HongKong,Taipei or Tokyo or somewhere,somewhere where a big name artist is performing(A.K.A Mariah Carey) and then do some shopping and have more fabulous clothes.

Actually its my 21st right,who the fuck goes overseas on their 21st?

Oh ya Michelle Wong
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This might be the most annoying thing you will ever read.But has that ever stopped me? [Aug. 2nd, 2008|01:46 am]
I do not participate in activities which require me,even remotely,to be someone i am not.

For example,i don't do waking up at 11 am for lunch gatherings with friends(ok i am talking about class guys,i love you,but i love ME more hahaha).Not that i care little about them or not hold them in high regard,its just that I matter more and sleep is my only joy in life.Next to Wanton Mee of course.And Foie Gras.And music.And S.......

Also,i don't do waking up at 6.30 am for school.Because its someone i am not,its not me,i don't wake up at 6.30 ever(i bet no one else does),because i sleep at 6.30,and i need at least 7 hours of sleep a day,so i get up only way after lunchtime.(ok,erm,actually i had to while i was in army.And JC.Fine and Secondary school too.Ah fuck,primary school too but you know my priorities in life changed after army ended so i hope you understand where i'm coming from)

But come this August,i have to get up at 6 fucking 30am every morning for this 9am class on Thursday.If it wasn't Theatre Studies i'll have bidded for some other module,some other module which does not require me to alter my lifestyle so drastically,like sleeping by 11pm.

Ok,i know this might be the most annoying journal entry/piece of shit alive and i know that when i read back on this in some months time i might want to punch myself in my own face,but i had to write this,if i didn't,it will mean i'm being someone i'm not.

And we don't want that do we.

It's all Oprah's fault,
"Be who you are gurl!You gotta be true to yourself,live your dream girlfriend!Thank you LOOOORD! Gayle!!!Where are you Gayle!!!!!!!My Gayle!!!!!I need you Gayle!!!!!Oh Lord!!!!!!!!Bobby!!!!!!!!!Bobby!!!where are bobby!!!!!I don't do Crack,cos Crack is Cheap!!You're a skanky old whore and you ain't got nothing on me GIRLLLLL,holla back atcha girl!!! Ain't nobody gonna tell you how you live your life sista!!!!!"

Sorry,i guess i also have to blame Whitney Houston and Tyra Banks.
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Honey,What's this? [Jul. 29th, 2008|12:04 am]
If you're a fan of Will and Grace like Alvyn and I are,you'll get the title,but if you don't, good for you,i hope you're happy with whatever else you know in life.

Anyway guys,if you're thinking my random thoughts are directed to you,they most probably aren't so chillll,because if those were indeed directed towards you,you would have known by now by virtue of my lack of conversation with you.If i'm talking to you very candidly,it means i love you.I harbour negative thoughts about the whole world,so don't take it the wrong way,i just like to find fault with everyone else but myself.Its okay though,i've long come to terms with my lack of appropriateness and likewise,you too.

So today was registration day at NUS.I have refrained myself from joining the NUS network on facebook for the longest time now,so i guess now's the time.I don't particularly think its a big deal or anything,but it beats old secondary/primary school friends repeatedly going "so what are you doing now? are you working? or in army?" And me on the other end controlling my urge to go,"NO,thankfully,i found a way out of my lackadaisical manner and am still studying,a very foreign activity to you" But see i still have common decency,so i just say "NO STILL STUDYING HAHAHAHA" and then i don't reply all subsequent messages.

Tonight i played scissor,paper and stone with derrick on the phone,it was the most exciting game i've played since trying to make french fries out of playdoh in 1996(yes i played with playdoh until i was primary 3 i also play with hotwheels and polly pocket don't judge because "Thou shall not judge",is that the right phrasing of the commandment i don't really know).So basically it goes like this we both say "scissors,paper,stone" at the same time and then at the end of "stone" we have to immediately state our choice of item.Get it? Ok goodjob,I'm lame for suggesting it,but Derrick's lamer for participating.

KELVIN 1,DERRICK 0.(even though he won)

Anyway is it my cardigan,or is it the July weather? Shutup(in a valley girl accent),i know the answer.
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Dean Martin is my God. [Jul. 26th, 2008|11:44 pm]
This Bangkok trip really made me ___________________ again. It feels so nice and warm inside.

Tonight i was reading my older entries,and i found them really irritating.I want to close this blog down,but i am not sure if i am ever going to because i need my daily fix of ohnotheydidn't which is blocked off if i don't have them as a friend and if i delete this account then i wouldn't be their friend,so i wouldn't be able to read ohnotheydidn't so i would be unhappyboy.com and so you get the drift,life sucks without ohnotheydidn't which is the only blog everyone in this world should read because all they talk about is miley cyrus and her nude shots which are butt ugly anyway,ashley tisdale and her nose job(as well as her very limited talent which no surgery can erase),jessica simpson and her dying career(even despite a shift to country music),ashlee simpson and her new husband pete wentz,as well as her eagerness to disassociate herself with jessica simpson,because according to her,"everything jess touches becomes shit" woohoo way to make a shoutout to your older sibling,lindsay lohan and her gal pal samantha ronson(some say gal pal as in "GAL PAL" if you know what i mean),amy winehouse and her lack of decent human behaviour(last i checked she's punching fans for blocking her way)...

ok basically if you are hoping to brighten your day up just pop over to ontd to read about the misfortunes of celebrities and you will feel a million times better.

you know what they say,"one man's problems is another man's happiness"...wait,or was that "one man's meat is another man's poison" haha who the fuck cares(erm pls catch the sarcasm,i obviously know that the latter is the correct phrase)

so anyway i was just thinking,if i do close this blog down what will be my next one called and then i came up with

dean martin is my god
i dont do round neck tees
always use fragrance
you are only as interesting as your hairstyle
please stay away from me your breath stinks

i don't know something only those lines i guess

the best thing about making this entry is that no one knows i have actually updated so i can bitch about anyone without immediate repercussions,hurray(or maybe not but who cares)

so these are some of the things i wish to say to different people but they will be written out at random.
"sometimes i wish you stop your manipulation."
"please stop trying so hard.your _________ is actually very limited."
"i wish you would have the initiative to..."
"please stop talking behind my back.if you are so unhappy then..."
"we are not responsible for each other.so...."
"please stop being so attention seeking,then maybe i would talk to you more."

"i miss you."

haha that is to michelle wong,eh bitch i really miss calling you at random to talk about my unhappiness and my generally random observations and vice versa you better buy me my navy blue cardigan from wherever the hell you are in central asia haha,oh wait,livejournal is banned in china so u can only read this when u return so fuckk
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Sex and the City,the Movie [May. 28th, 2008|08:54 pm]
So i am watching Sex and the City tonight and i know theoretically chick flicks are not supposed to be on Greatest film of all time lists but you know it being my favourite television show of all time is making me so excited. This is truly a closure for us fans and i can't wait!!
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Stardust semi-finals. [May. 27th, 2008|02:34 pm]
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stardust finals was great,thanks everyone. [May. 17th, 2008|12:13 am]
guys thanks for coming down to the finals at the arena,much appreciated you have no idea.i relaly owe you big time.i didn't win,but i had so much fun being up on stage and all...and it made me realize that i actually really love the performing aspect even though my nerves always root me to the ground.but ok,i didn't win,so postponing the trip is still as waste haha...ok no,it was well worth it,and i am going to miss someone really badly.

so this means i am off to europe like now,i can't believe how tiring this is...i wish i werent flying so soon,like immediately.but its only for ten days,and i'll be back soon!bye bye and thanks again!
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Stardust finals [May. 12th, 2008|02:13 pm]
Hey guys,Stardust finals this Friday at 6pm at THE ARENA in Clarke Quay!(but must reach before that) Please come and support me!!!!!

Tickets are at 15 bucks each.If i win the competition(i also win 800 bucks) i will return you the very amount you paid for the ticket!
So contact me now for the tickets!!! I will forever be grateful hehe
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Madonna is greater than Mariah Carey. [Apr. 23rd, 2008|12:23 am]
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432AM sleeping's not in,yo [Apr. 22nd, 2008|04:32 am]
432AM i in the airport with two people i have basically been hanging with for the last 3454545 days

On paper this should be boring and slow and draggy but its turning out to be a nice hangout because 1st of all i will probably still be awake 2nd of all the airport is real chill and quiet and like,private and all..

anyway barbra is queen mariah is the pretender to her throne and my mother's a goddess(no my mum,not yours)

i know its real gay and all when people ask for an idol and you go my mum but i can't lie,i don't lie and i'm not interested to lie

some people ask why do you like to blog in this really kiampah way but do u really want to see me write this "hello the weather's beautiful today.We had a blast at the airport,later on in the night,where we had a delicious mango pudding topped with melted raspberry with a small side scoop of strawberry fudge..."

ok anyway i'm bored now bye
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Fuck! i just felt like saying it [Apr. 15th, 2008|10:42 pm]
Shit they just informed us we have an interview with The New Paper this Thursday.
And apparently next Friday we get to meet LWS or something,wow postponing my Europe trip seems very worthwhile now haha

Anyway,my schedule's really fucked up.The finals are on 16 May,and my flight is at 3:20am on the 17th.I mean,i asked for it and all but this is really going to be very exhausting right before a 16 hrs flight and a 10 day holiday with a minimal jet lag on top of it all.

So dear friends and foes alike,please buy the tickets to the finals from me!(the organizers gave us each 20 tickets)
Its on the 16th of May,at THE ARENA at Clarke Quay(its a really nice place) and it starts at 6pm.
HOWEVER,please be seated by 545pm,because i was just told 2 weeks back that i will be the 1st contestant up! So please come early.And i need your support!
There will be no more online voting for the finals.But instead the tickets will be used as votes that night.(So each ticket is equivalent to one vote)So you guys seriously need to come down this time round to support me! 15 bucks for each ticket only please buy from me!

Anyway,i already personally thanked all of you who came down for the semi-finals,but if you could just do me this one last favour! haha

Ok,tomorrow i'll do a proper entry that doesn't involve me talking about Stardust,promiseeee
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fuck! it feels good to be different [Apr. 14th, 2008|03:58 am]
It sucks to be generic,it sucks to be mainstream,it sucks to be typical,it sucks to be that person you see in the magazine,it sucks to be like the rest of the fucking world,it sucks to be no different from the guy living above you.

Its good to be different.Its good to tell yourself that you are not abnormal,you are just different.And this difference makes you about 213435667 miles ahead of all these other barbie and ken dolls

The world needs more Amy Winehouses.

This is major.My first entry in more than 3 weeks results in trash talk hahahaha

Blogging sucks,its boring,and everyone is doing it these days,so its boring.But no one blogs like me,everyone blogs trash,trash that i can't read because its so painfully generic and boring and uninteresting and uninspiring and not one fucking bit honest or even funny.Everyone blogs in half sentences because their grammar sucks,even if the grammar sucks at least have faith in your vocabulary,but their vocabulary sucks as well so they end up writing in this irritating poetic form which is really pathetic because its fake as it stems from their stupidity.No one blogs with sense anymore.Everyone thinks they are writing very intelligent things but they are not.They study and plan their blog post for some unexplainable reason because frankly no one gives a fuck.No one writes the truth all they fucking do is blog in such a beautiful way it becomes unreal and dreary.Stop the fucking euphemism! Stop replacing "fuck" with "i was really really pissed off" because "fuck,fuck,fuck" is more believable than "i was so angry i could not think clear.i took a sip of the tea and my senses were immediately calmed".You're not a novelist stop acting like one start acting like your fucking self before you become so unrecognizable even to yourself because you're going to regret it.But you've probably strayed too far off course to return home to your soul.

Too fucking bad.
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Please vote for me!! [Mar. 24th, 2008|04:40 am]
OMG guys i need your votes! Please go to http://www.quaffs.com/events.php now and look for me(Kelvin Ong). You need to sign up for an account first with your email but please do help even though its very troublesome! kamsiahhhhh you know i will be heavily indebted to you all!

One account one vote only so please vote with all your different email accounts pleaseeeee.

(Click on picture to be directed to website)

In my opinion the video they put up of me is horrible,i thought my voice sucked(pitchy on the first line),it was kinda weak and the music was way overpowering.Siann,why did i have to get such a high quality minus one.

If you have a blog please help me spread the message thankyou very much i owe you big big haha

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Stardust 08 [Mar. 18th, 2008|11:19 pm]
Okay so a week ago i joined this singing competition thingy,merely wanting to try my luck...

OMG like Excited.com.sg
If you notice there are some big shots in the list,like S090 and S162,one a former Singapore Idolist and another a lead singer of a local band...
We did a recording on Friday and our tracks are gonna be put on http://www.stardust2008.com where you can listen and then vote for me! Guys i need your votes cos it makes 20 percent of the total score!!

And you need to come down to NUS on 28th of March at 5pm to support me! Please make that day free please please!
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This day in quotes. [Feb. 23rd, 2008|01:22 am]

Me(to Elizabeth): Eh Gideon couldn't recognise you that day because..because you looked different.(A.K.A you grew sideways)

Me: Clayton, you want your sweater right,then you help me carry my plastic bag.
Clayton: Gladly!

(haha what a good puppy you are ClayAiken)


Weikee: Did you choose NUS because of film?

( Bitch read my mind like a psychic,how right is he)

Me: When the guy made reference to the oasis and the desert,i was thinking the whole time,this church(which is right smacked in the heart of Geylang) is an oasis while its surrounding,the desert.
Raymond(responding to me): ARE YOU CRAZY? This church is like the desert la! The surrounding is more like an oasis! HAHAHA!

(Wow,Raymond,way to go you dirty slutty whore)

Elizabeth(who called me at 12am): Bitch did you make up the whole Gideon couldn't recognise me because i grew fat thing?

(OOPS i got caught hahahahahaha)
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Scattin' The Blues [Feb. 20th, 2008|12:11 am]
Hello,these days,i rarely ever bring the camera out of the house anymore.
I figure my words actually hold much more sting than them trashy visuals.

But once in a while,

(i have other pictures but really,its 12am now)

a little narcissism is healthy.
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Ellen Page,Michael Cera,Amy Winehouse. [Feb. 19th, 2008|10:54 pm]
I'm telling you,you must have been living under a rock if you still believe the above three are flukes or are going-to-burn-out-and-got-a-lucky-break-while-they-were-young actors/musicians.
They are talents.And they're pretty much the IT GROUP right now,along with their "i don't give a flying fuck about the world" attitude.

They are so commercial-indie and beyond their age its actually fucking my brains up(in a good way).

Sometimes,its so amazing how little people know me,considering how much of me i actually put up for show.
Its usually the guy friends(just giving an example ya'll,no finger pointing) who think they've got me figured out,when they actually know SOOOOOO INCREDIBLY FUCKING LITTLE about my life.

I don't tell,but i am actually very annoyed(masked by my joker/poker face).

I don't get it,shouldn't the comic be easy to decipher? But i figure,being a comic means being funny at the expense of being personal,to the point that no one truly understands the gist of the person.

So,what do you guys do.Grab a fucking Winehouse DVD,watch JUNO and you'll know who i am.

P.S. The talent on American Idol(yes,yes so it produces pop stars and pop tarts.but IT HAS produced GRAMMY and ACADEMY AWARD winners so you have to give in to it at some point) fucks my brain up too.Sometimes i am amazed by the amount of undiscovered talent in that country.

P.S.2. Can everyone acquire a personality please?Sometimes i feel so out of place.Thanks bye.
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Skinny,bitches. [Feb. 13th, 2008|12:21 am]
The best way to not feeling guilty about eating junk food is,"i bet those skinny bitches are getting a lot of sex and attention.They'll die looking extremely beautiful but fucking hungry and also thinking to themselves,'i should have eaten that damn donut' ".

So who dies with a smile plastered across the face? ME.
Who dies with food in his stomach? ME.
Who dies with no regrets,happy he ate all that he possibly could in his lifetime? ME.
Who dies completely fat,alone,unhealthy and so unattractive heaven turns him away?

FUCK!!! ME!!!

So tonight i actually did 7 rounds on the track. (eh why you laugh laugh,i never run for more than 6 mths already ok this is damn power liaozzzz)

Sometimes,i wonder how i actually got to that fairly competitive level at Tennis for someone who hates exercising with a passion.

Talent larh then,why jealous is it?
Jealous go put your face in the toilet bowl filled with my excrete larh very simple chop chop free of charge somemore.
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Life Is Beautiful (but i still have my angst) [Feb. 3rd, 2008|12:18 pm]
I really don't want to jinx things but for the first time in many many months,i am actually kind of,happy.

Not in the "yay my life is so great i have so many exciting things to do,so many friends to meet,i am going clubbing tonight,going shopping later at far east" way, but more so in an understated,truly contented,innately satisfied without having to jump and scream and be all giddy manner.

My personal life is going from strength to strength(its best to keep things to yourself or you're going to do a major jinx,as i have come to learn haha),army is finally almost over and my future looms ever so closely i can almost taste it.

The trees on the street are a brighter shade of green,the sky above never looked as clear,
and my heart has never felt as light.
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Oh Heath. [Jan. 25th, 2008|10:42 pm]
How unfortunate.
Like Marilyn,Montgomery and most significantly James Dean,you were well on your way to becoming the actor of your generation.
Now you're just a,Could-Have-Been.


Who's next?
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The POLICE LIVE? The only thing lively about the upcoming concert will be the sound of our yawns. [Jan. 13th, 2008|09:05 pm]
Wow,has it been something like 3 whole months since i did one of these full-fledged updates already?

The thing is,i don't know if i care anymore.(or for that matter,if you do as well)
Frankly,who the fuck gives a damn these days anyway?

We really should be worrying about more important matters,like if America is going to get themselves an educated elitist white woman who secretly is a racist and a bitch(SEE:Hilary Clinton) to preside over the country or a half African-American "John F.Kennedy-ish" man(SEE:Barack Obama) who is totally playing the "i'm black so if you vote me,you vote for change,you vote for a definite end to discrimination in the country" card(how lame),even though he probably is just as elitist as the other candidates but don't tell anyone he is using his ethnicity to gain himself some much needed leverage because really,the only thing he has is CHARM and absolutely NO SUBSTANCE.

OR..OR just perhaps,we should be spending our days talking about Britney Spears' eccentricities,Lindsay Lohan's overly orange skin,Nicole Richie's stillborn(i'm kidding here.the baby was a healthy 5373.24 pounds) and Paris Hilton's latest purchase - yet another shit-face-uglier-than-tinkerbell puppy from hell!

In view of the aforementioned points,a picture post is only appropriate on another day.


2)HAHA i'm sorry but the title has absolutely nothing to do with the entry too bad just suck on it.

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